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Chapter Notes for 1.8

When the only thing worse than leaving is to stay.

The animated open was a LOT of work! Most of the time I spend working on a chapter goes into designing and drawing backgrounds, new characters, ships, and all those things that I don’t already have. Like a door. If you see the guys walking along, and you see a door? BAM! There goes an entire morning. The intro is FULL of things I hadn’t drawn yet!

So, as much work as making the intro was, it was also a lot of fun, and has got me very excited about upcoming chapters.

Without a doubt, the best part is the new CMS theme song, “Into the Sky” which was written and performed by Jennifer Teeter. We will be making an MP3 available to everyone very soon.


So, the next chapter deals with what happens after the crash. See you Monday!

- Jason

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