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Let’s hear it for debris!

Here is some of the debris from this week’s episode. See if you can spot them in the cartoon!

I realize I actually don’t need THIS MUCH debris. They usually fly by the camera so fast, I could definitely reuse a lot of them. It’s weird, but I really like drawing debris.

Starting with a random shape, and filling it in with detail then color is very satisfying to me. I’ve always loved drawing space junk, and there’s usually a good bit of it in my sketchbooks. It’s like an animator’s bubble wrap to me.

I think everyone has something they like to draw when they’re just doodling. What’s yours?


Applesauce sketch


This week’s chapter was really challenging, because there was so much going on. The crashing, debris, smoke and the little robot is running around doing things. Having an action scene where the two parties are in different environments is pretty tricky.

I’m very excited about next week, because it’s the first episode with our open and theme song, performed and written by Jennifer Teeter! It’s a super catchy and wonderful song, and I can’t wait to show it to everyone.

- Jas





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